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5 Powerful Tips for Selling Your Home


While the real estate market might have stabilized for the most part, sellers still have to ensure they’re doing the right things to make their property as appealing to buyers as possible. Whether you’re selling your first home, or you’re an old hand at the process, there are some important tips to help maximize the price you’re able to get, and minimize the time your home sits on the market.

Don’t Price Too High

All too often, homeowners price their homes too high. This is often done intentionally so they can be talked down to an acceptable price. Don’t do that. Price your home reasonably from the outset. If your house is priced too high, buyers are going to look elsewhere first, leaving your property to sit. Sitting for too long is a death knell. By pricing your property correctly from the outset, you put yourself on even footing with other sellers and decrease your time.

Base Your Price on Selling Prices

When you price your home, you must take several different factors into account. However, too many sellers opt to price their homes similar to the asking price of other properties in their area. That’s wrong. Don’t go with the asking price – go with the selling price.


Comps are simply similar properties in your area. They’re the roughly the same style of home, have about the same amount of land attached, and have a similar number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Investigate several comps in your area and price your home in line with them.


One of the most important things to do is to give your home a quick refresh. A quick coat or two of paint on the interior walls, a good power washing of the siding, cleaning the driveway…all these things make your home fresher and more appealing.

Limited Personal Touches

Start packing up your personal belongings, particularly in general use rooms like the living room or family room. Leave major furnishings, but put away pictures of family and other similar touches. The less of you is present in the home, the more the buyer can envision themselves there.

These are just a few of the important tips that a seller needs to know before putting a property on the market. The most important is to hire a skilled real estate agent with a solid reputation in the local area. Don’t go it alone.

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