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Brevard County Real Estate Stats Show Home Prices Increasing Slowly and Comfortably


Brevard County is one of the most popular areas to live in Florida, and in fact, in the entire country. This is in part due to the strong economy, as well as the great weather. However, many buyers want to know about more than just the quality of the weather when they are choosing a new home. They want to know more about the statistics of real estate in the area and whether buying right now is a good idea or not. Fortunately, things are looking great for those who want to buy in Brevard, as you will see from the information below.

The Prices Remain Good

Back in the midst of the recession, the prices for homes in the area – and most areas of the country for that matter – plummeted. Today, they are picking up nicely, but they remain priced at a level many will still be able to afford. The cost of an average single family home in the area is around $200,000, while the cost of a condominium is around $160,000. Of course, the prices vary based on the actual location, the amenities, and the size. These are simply averages to give potential buyers an idea of what is out there right now. Some of the homes have bigger price tags and are suitable for the high-end home buyer.

Still, the prices are not as high as they were before the recession, and this could bode well for buyers who choose a property soon. They will be able to get into one of the fastest growing and most popular areas of Florida before the prices go up any higher. The sooner they act, the better the prices will be in most cases, as they appear to be trending higher as the months pass.

Who Should Buy?

Those who are looking for a new place to call home, as well as those who are looking for investment properties, should find quite a bit to like in Brevard County. They have properties that are close to the beach, as well as those that are a bit further inland and closer to places such as Kissimmee and Orlando. Anyone who has wanted to buy in Florida, and who does not want to start searching Miami for expensive properties will love what they will find here.

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