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Property Management in Melbourne FL


You chose a rental property investment in Eau Gallie, FL because of the scenic beauty and popularity of the area. You felt sure that owning a rental would be easy and profitable, and yet you just cannot manage to retain tenants. Why not? If you are like many rental property owners it is probably because you cannot provide the right sort of customer service.

Believe it or not, your renters have to be treated as customers. This is something that many investors overlook, and this can make their ownership more of a headache than anything else. However, there are plenty of high-quality property management options available in the Eau Gallie area.

What can a property management firm do that you can’t? Well, let’s just look at the customer service issue again. Your renters may decide to not renew their lease or even cut out earlier than planned because you just don’t respond to them fast enough. They might phone at any hour because of a problem with the Eau Gallie property (leaky pipes, noisy neighbors, or problems with an appliance are all reasons your phone might ring). Good customer service says that you would respond instantly and get that issue taken care of within hours of the call.

Reality says that you might be unable to do anything. That is why your tenants may not be happy, and yet property management firms can really deliver. They can provide your renters in Eau Gallie with a 24-hour number, immediate response times, and licensed vendors that arrive promptly and deliver good service.

While you may argue that a contract with a property management firm cuts into your profits on the home or rental, keep in mind that rental investments that remain empty or frequent turnovers cost far more. In fact, many landlords see a two-month loss of income each time a renter does not renew.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of rental property ownership in this beautiful area of Florida, but you are not excited by providing 24-hour customer service, get in touch with a management group today. They will provide renters with the type of attention that makes them happy to renew their lease, and let you enjoy peace of mind at all times too.

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