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Do You Really Need a Real Estate Agent?


You’re in the market to buy a home. You’ve scouted out a few neighborhoods and seen plenty of for sale signs lining those lawns. You’ve even found a house or two that seem to meet your needs. You’re now faced with a choice – do you contact the seller or the seller’s agent, or do you hire your own real estate agent? Do you even need a real estate agent? The answer to that question is yes, but let’s explore why.

Seller’s Agents Work for Sellers

One of the most important reasons to work with your own agent (a buyer’s agent) is that the real estate agent working with the seller is looking out for that person’s best interests. They don’t work with you or for you. They work for the seller. A buyer’s agent works hand in hand with you to find the best property, but will go to the mat in negotiating prices, ensuring inspections are completed and expediting the process. You need a professional on your side.

Negotiating without Muddying the Waters

Negotiating discounts can be a tricky process. Let’s say that you’re working directly with the seller, and you’re trying to get a discount because you’ll have to repaint a bedroom that’s done in neon pinks and greens, as well as replacing that antiquated hot tub outside. For all you know, the seller’s late wife might have picked those colors and that hot tub. They carry significant emotional attachment. Your careless words upset the homeowner and now the deal’s off. A real estate agent could negotiate those elements without a negative impact on the relationship.


There are lots of legal hoops to jump through during the buying process, and a single misstep here could cause you to lose thousands of dollars and even wind up in court for breaching your contract with the seller. Real estate agents have the experience and skill necessary to navigate those contracts, ensuring that all the wording is up to snuff and explaining complex concepts that might trip you up if you were to go it alone.

As you can see, working with a real estate agent is essential. There’s simply no better defense against the serious problems you could encounter when buying a home. No matter what type of property you’re considering, having an experienced agent on your side is vital to your success.

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