You’ve found the perfect home. It has the right number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the right size lot for your family, and the layout is great. It’s in a good neighborhood, close to schools, your job and major traffic arteries. It’s everything you wanted. That means it’s time to make an offer, right? Not exactly. There are several things you need to check before you make a decision to buy.


Thoroughly check out the kitchen. How old are the appliances? How beat up is the stove? Are the cabinets real wood? Are they painted or stained? What condition is the flooring in? If you want an island, does it have one? Kitchen remodels are very costly, and if you’re buying a great home with a bad kitchen, you’re opening yourself up to unnecessary costs.


Keeping a home comfortable throughout the year can be costly, and that can double or even triple if the HVAC system isn’t in good condition. How old is the system itself? Generally, they only last 15 – 20 years at the most, so older systems will need to be replaced sooner. How clean are the ducts? How well maintained is the system?


A bad bathroom can quickly turn a dream home into a nightmare. How outdated are the fixtures? What about the flooring and paint on the walls? Is there any sign of water damage around the tub, shower or toilet? Bathroom remodels are second only to kitchen remodels in terms of cost, so make sure you know what you’re getting into here.


Sure, those windows are nice and clean, but do they open easily? Are they double paned? Do they block UV light? Not only do newer windows add more value to your home, but they help maintain your internal temperature and lower your utility bills as well.

These are five of the most important things to check when buying a home. There are plenty of others. Working with a skilled real estate agent can help ensure that you get into your dream home, not an expensive nightmare.