Property Management

Property Management

Property Management

Real Estate Direct’s Property Management division is one of the leading and respected property management organizations in the area. Our team of managers, Jennifer Marin and Lyndsey Neel, work together diligently and daily to ensure that all of their owners and tenants have the best possible rental experience available.


Real Estate Direct has been around since 1997; almost 20 years! In that span of time, we have seen a wide range of changes take place throughout Brevard County and Florida in general. We survived the housing bubble, watched the rise of Disney and Ron Jon’s, NASA layoffs, and now we are happy to see the rest of the world discovering this great place we knew about all along–the Space Coast!

While some of the greatest perks of the Space Coast stay the same (the beaches, the opportunity, etc.) much is changing. With the influx of transplants, snowbirds, and work transfers to the area also comes a wide range of potential tenants to screen. Landlords who previously rented on a handshake are now having difficulty managing their properties. While no one can guarantee a perfect tenant, our managers have the training, tools, and experience necessary to screen potential tenants to protect your investment and income stream.

Code of Ethics:

As Real Estate Agents and members of the National Association of Realtors, our managers have pledged to abide by the National Association of Realtors’ Code of Ethics. As part of that pledge, our managers agree to “pledge themselves to protect and promote the interests of their client. This obligation to the client is primary, but it does not relieve REALTORS® of their obligation to treat all parties honestly. When serving a buyer, seller, landlord, tenant or other party in a non-agency capacity, REALTORS® remain obligated to treat all parties honestly.” Another important covenant as a member of NAR is that, “REALTORS® shall avoid exaggeration, misrepresentation, or concealment of pertinent facts relating to the property or the transaction” this means that you can trust that we work honestly and fairly for both our landlords and tenants and will never deceive, intentional misrepresent, or conceal any factor relating to a property we manage. A full copy of the oath can be found here.

Customer Service:

Our managers understand that property management is not a 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday job. They are career property managers who understand that responding to a plumbing emergency at 10PM on a Sunday night is not only “part of the job” it is part of what sets Real Estate Direct’s customer service apart from all other management companies in the area. You trust us with a significant investment, we don’t, and will never, take that for granted.