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Melbourne: the Space Coast’s Best Kept Secret


Florida is one of the pre-eminent locations for people from around the United States to move and settle, either to strike out on their own or to live out their golden years. The Sunshine State has many popular regions – Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, and so on – but there’s one best kept secret when it comes to a fantastic place to look for somewhere to live: Melbourne, the little city that’s a stone’s throw from Orlando and close enough to see NASA rocket launches from a back window.

Melbourne, along with the nearby communities of Titusville and Palm Bay, are the anchor neighborhoods that lend life to the complex network of coastal, beach, and barrier island communities known as Florida’s “Space Coast,” named as much for the history of spaceflight and space exploration in the region thanks to the nearby John F. Kennedy Space Center and Cape Canaveral. The NASA and US Air Force facilities at the northernmost tip of the barrier island chain has led to a strong economic base for the region, not just for local workers but also as a major tourist attraction. The barrier islands are a fantastic source for summer recreation activities, while coastal cities like Melbourne provide the kinds of amenities that these vibrant communities are well known for.

It’s more than just entertainment and tourism, though – the close proximity to NASA has benefited the Florida Institute of Technology, a 3000-student educational institution that provides cutting-edge high tech research and development opportunities. With Melbourne just 30 miles from that tourist Mecca of Orlando, Melbourne is close enough to benefit from city infrastructure without having to be subject to the congestion, and crowding within the Orlando/Kissimmee region, thanks to that little mouse created by Walt Disney. The weather in the Melbourne region is more mild than it is just a few miles inland as well; thanks to sea breezes that roll in beginning in the early afternoon, the traditionally high Florida temperatures drop quickly – often accompanied by breathtaking afternoon and evening thunderstorms.

If there’s anything bad about Melbourne, it’s that the cat is getting out of the bag: the population has been growing steadily as more and more people discover the wonderful community. Make sure Melbourne is on your radar if you’re looking for a place to live in Florida – just don’t wait too long!

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