When it is time to say goodbye to a property, we are ready to say hello. Real Estate Direct can help ensure that your property is prepared for a quick sale. That means helping with staging, recommending value-adding renovations, discouraging unnecessary or detracting changes, setting the perfect selling price, marketing the property, helping to determine acceptable payment options, and executing the transaction.


First impressions are vital when selling a home. Buyers need to be able to visualize themselves and their possessions in the property. If too much of your own personality shows through or if your property is too bare, it makes it difficult for buyers to imagine themselves in the property. Allow our veteran agents to make recommendations on how to stage your property to attract the right buyer for the right price. Simple changes can play an extremely important role in the decision to purchase your property.

Value-Adding Renovations:

We would like for our buyers to get the most they can for their buck in a home sale. Our agents can help you determine if, for example, installing a new HVAC system will add more value than the cost. Will digging that pool bring the value of the home up or is it best to make an inviting garden instead? Let our agents help you make these difficult decisions, you will be glad you did!

Setting a Selling Price:

This can be one of the most difficult decisions to make when listing your property. List the property too high and no one will bid, list it too low and you risk losing out on realizing the valuable equity in the property. Let one of our trained agents help you determine a price that will attract the right buyer while still protecting your interest in the value of the property.


Even if your property is staged perfectly, has all of the right amenities, and is set at the perfect price for the market, if no buyers ever find it you will never make the sale. Our unique marketing strategies expose your listing to thousands of prospective buyers every month.

Payment Options:

What kind of payment options will you accept for your property? Would you prefer to lease-to-own, owner financing, or would you prefer to get all of your equity out of the property at once? Every option has its risks and benefits.

Let our experienced agents help you decide which is right for your listing.

Transaction Execution:

We will help you with declining and accepting offers, sending the appropriate disclosures, negotiating terms, and executing the contract at closing. We utilize modern technology to ensure a quick, secure, and efficient closing—which means less hassle for you!

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