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Are you looking to provide your clients with top-notch property management services without losing their business?

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When you refer property owners to us and we’re retained to manage their property, you not only ensure their satisfaction but also earn a referral fee of up to $500.00. Moreover, we keep your name on record as the referring agent and direct clients back to you when they’re ready to sell or add to their investment portfolio.


Discover the leading property management experts on Florida’s Space Coast at Real Estate Direct. With over two decades of experience, our dedicated managers handle all property oversight, ensuring financial success for property owners while freeing them of the day-to-day management hassles. Learn more about our award-winning property management services.

Real Estate Direct Property Management Agent Referral Program Earn up to $500

White Glove Service: Award-winning property management for your clients.


At Real Estate Direct, we go the extra mile in advertising your properties. In addition to listing on the Brevard County MLS, we promote your listings on Zillow.com, Realtor.com, AHRN.com, and create custom posts on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. We also send weekly emails to our Realtor database of all our newly available rentals.

Unparralleled tenant screening

Our rigorous screening process ensures the best tenants for your properties. We meticulously assess applicants, considering factors like appearance, smoking habits, social media profiles, credit reports, rental references, and employment verification.

Thorough Background Checks

We conduct three comprehensive nationwide background checks to thoroughly evaluate potential tenants. Additionally, we recheck their backgrounds before lease renewals, ensuring your peace of mind throughout their tenancy.

Vetted, Licensed, and Insured Vendors

Rest easy knowing that all our vendors are vetted, licensed, and insured. They respond promptly to requests and provide detailed reports after property visits, keeping you informed about your investment’s condition.

Multi Point Inspections

We offer complimentary move-in, move-out, and drive-by inspections to safeguard your property. Our thorough inspections help maintain your investment’s integrity without any additional charges.

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The breakdown of our costs:

  • SET UP COST: There is a one-time $100 set-up fee for new rental properties added to Real Estate Direct’s system.
  • REALTOR COMMISSIONS: For long-term leases (6 months plus one day to 1 year), a commission fee of 50% of the first month’s rent applies. For short-term rentals (3-6 months), the commission is 25% of the first month’s rent. Reminder: short-term rentals of less than 6 months will incur an 12% tourist tax.
  • MONTHLY MANAGEMENT FEES: Our monthly management fee is 10% of xxx. This fee is not applicable while the property is vacant.
  • MAINTENANCE RESERVE: We keep a maintenance reserve account of $300 to pay small maintenance bills. Our vetted list of vendors know that any repair that will cost over this amount will need approval. A Real Estate Direct agent will work directly with you to start approval and repair process.

Other Potential Costs:

  • OPTIONAL MIDTERM INSPECTION COST: A highly recommended $125 midterm inspection cost will give us a chance to get inside the property in the middle of the rental agreement term for a thorough inspection. The inspection includes a detailed report and pictures.The mid-term inspection is for long-term leases of 1 year only.
  • DIRECT DEPOSIT FEE: There is a $2.95/transaction fee for direct deposit. You can decide to have your funds mailed to you at no cost.
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